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UCLA Labor Center moves into new UCLA Downtown building

Joining 30 other community-focused programs, the site will provide a critical space for the UCLA Labor Center to continue advancing worker justice across Los Angeles.

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Saba Waheed appointed director of the UCLA Labor Center

The first woman of color to assume the role, Waheed served as the UCLA Labor Center’s research director for the past 11 years.

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New report on California's nail salon workers and their industry

Transformed by Vietnamese refugee women, the California nail salon industry leads the nation in size and innovation—yet workers continue to face wage and hour labor violations.

Featured News

Historic labor center expansion begins across UC campuses

An unprecedented $13 million ongoing funding allocation from the state of California will open five new labor centers modeled after UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC Merced centers.

Nearly 60 Years of Worker Justice

Established in 1964, the UCLA Labor Center advances cutting-edge research, education, and service guided by our core values: economic equity, racial and immigrant justice, and worker power and solidarity.

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A Public University Belongs to the People
A Public University Belongs to the People

Through our signature approaches and methodology that employ research justice, narrative storytelling, student and leader-to-movement pathways, and culturally and racially responsive evaluation, we partner with workers, unions, worker centers, students, and impacted communities to advance economic justice across California, the nation and globally.

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Re:Work, the UCLA Labor Center podcast

For the past decade, Re:Work has elevated stories of work to humanize and break down economic and racial justice issues.

Re:Work Podcast