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Meet the 2023-24 Dream Resource Center Alumni Council

The UCLA Dream Resource Center (DRC) 2023-24 Alumni Council is composed of eight distinguished leaders who actively serve as a crucial resource and decision-making body that steers the DRC’s Alumni Network.

Christian Gabriel Espinoza Gutierrez

Christian Espinoza (he/him/they) | Dream Summer Alum, 2016 & 2022 / Labor Summer Alum, 2023 | Dream Summer Placement: Los Angeles LGBT Center (2016), Gender Justice LA (2022) | Labor Summer Placement: California Federation of Teachers



Christian, hailing from Michoacán, Mexico, migrated to California at the age of ten and was raised in San Bernardino. As a queer Latino and the first college graduate in his family, Christian has dedicated his life to integrating technology, education, and immigration policy to uplift marginalized communities. Christian earned an associate’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from UCLA, where he specialized in computing and focused on the synergy between computing and social sciences. He also earned a master’s in higher education-student affairs from the University of Redlands. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in urban education leadership at Claremont Graduate University to deepen his commitment to social justice and educational equity.

Christian is the Founder and CEO of NavigateED Solutions LLC, a consultancy that bridges immigration and education policies to serve students from underprivileged backgrounds. He also contributes as a graduate fellow at the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration and as a regional education intern with the Office of California Governor Gavin Newsom. In his past roles, he has worked at CARECEN and Through NavigateED Solutions LLC, he advocates for technology access and equitable education for undocumented and other immigrant scholars, embodying his belief that education can transform lives and societies.

Outside his professional endeavors, Christian enjoys hiking, journaling, exploring new places, and finding undocujoy and inspiration in the world around him.


Diego Castro Gomez 

Diego A Castro Gomez (he/they/them) | Dream Summer Fellow, 2022 | Dream Summer Placement: Center for Immigration Law and Policy (CILP) at the UCLA School of Law






Diego was born in El Salvador and came to the United States as an unaccompanied minor at the age of 10. They completed their associate’s degree at Pasadena City College and bachelor’s in political science at the University of California, Irvine. They currently intern at the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA), working on base building and organizing with undocumented youth in the Inland Empire, advocating for the closure of detention centers.

During the 2022 Dream Summer fellowship, Diego worked with the Center for Immigration Law and Policy (CILP) at the UCLA School of Law where they researched the pathways that exist for undocumented people to pursue post-baccalaureate degrees like fellowships, scholarships, and information on how to pursue graduate, law, and medical school as an undocumented student. Diego’s focus for the alumni council will be conducting research. Diego was accepted into master’s programs in education at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, Los Angeles, where he aspires to conduct research that informs immigration policies and empowers undocumented people.


Jesús Flores Rodríguez 

Jesus Flores Rodriguez (he/ him) | Dream Summer Fellow, 2015 | Dream Summer Placement: Alianza Sacramento



Jesús was born in Jalisco, México, and grew up in Los Angeles, where, despite his language barrier as an ESL student, he graduated from UC Davis in 2017 with a B.A. in political science. Jesús’ interests include entrepreneurship, law, and corporate social responsibility. He hopes to have a law practice and own a cafe eventually. He participated in the Dream Summer fellowship in 2015 at Alianza in Sacramento, where he created a healthcare resource guide for undocumented families in Sacramento and Yolo County. 

Jesús focuses his time and advocacy on expanding the work of Immigrants Rising’s Pre-Law Program, a pipeline program to support undocumented individuals interested in applying to law school. As someone who loves to travel, Jesús has created resources and guides around traveling like “Traveling While Undocumented” and “The REAL ID: What to Know.” In addition, he co-authored the “Law School Resource Guide for Undocumented Students” and has contributed to resources on advance parole. 


Karen Velazquez Muñoz

Karen Velazquez Muñoz (she/her/ella) | Dream Summer Fellow, 2022 | Dream Summer Placement: Scholarships A-Z

Karen Velazquez Muñoz was born in Chiapas, Mexico, and participated in the 2022 Dream Summer fellowship. She is a senior at Grand Canyon University pursuing a degree in government, with an emphasis in legal studies, and a minor in forensic psychology. Karen hopes to attend law school next fall. Her ultimate goal is to be a leader in legal advocacy, fighting for the rights of her community.

Dream Summer introduced Karen to advocacy and the immigrant rights movement. She is eager to advocate for those who experience barriers in achieving their educational and professional aspirations due to their immigration status. During Dream Summer, Karen interned with Scholarships A-Z, where she created a guide for undocumented individuals on how to obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).


Kathia Camargo Ramirez 

Kathia Camargo Ramirez (she/her) | Dream Summer Fellow, 2019 | Dream Summer Placement: SEIU-Local 721











Kathia Camargo Ramirez is an alumna of the 2019 Dream Summer program. As a fellow at SEIU-Local 721, she spearheaded initiatives to empower rideshare and delivery drivers. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and a minor in Gender and Sexuality from the University of California, Riverside in 2018, Kathia’s commitment to advocating for immigrants and undocumented individuals dates back to her high school years, coinciding with the inception of the DACA initiative in 2012.

As a first-generation college attendee, Kathia experienced firsthand the impact of immigration policies on educational opportunities. This drove her to become a vocal advocate for racial equity and immigration rights, mobilizing communities to confront injustices. Post-graduation, Kathia pursued a career as a community organizer and digital strategist, collaborating with grassroots organizations. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kathia finds solace in psychological thriller literature and enjoys leisure time with her furry companion, Odie.

As a DRC Alumni Council member, Kathia is committed to empowering immigrant youth and their allies. Leveraging her expertise and personal journey, she aims to provide guidance and support for navigating professional careers. Kathia views the Alumni Council as a vital platform for empowering marginalized voices and is eager to learn from her colleagues and contribute to a network of impactful leaders.


Maria Yepez 

Maria Lizeth Yepez Perez (she/her/ella) | Dream Summer Fellow, 2019 | Dream Summer Placement: SEIU-Local 721


Maria Yepez Perez was born in Aguililla, Michoacan, Mexico, and raised in Pasco, Washington. She participated in Dream Summer in 2019 and graduated from Washington State University (WSU) in 2020 with a degree in social sciences and Spanish. While at WSU, Maria was highly involved with the undocumented community and immigrant rights movement. She took various leadership roles, such as Student Advisor for Crimson Group, CMSC advocate for Advance Parole, and Co-Chair for the CASHE Conference. Maria also attended several national conferences in Washington, D.C., Florida, and New York, where she expanded her knowledge regarding resources for undocumented students. As a fellow at SEIU-Local 721, she was part of initiatives to empower rideshare and delivery drivers.

Maria is a law student at the University of Idaho College of Law, interested in immigration and personal injury law. In addition to her academic focus, she has been involved with the DRC Alumni Council for the past three cohorts. As a law student, she has had the opportunity to be the Hispanic National Bar Association Region 16 representative and 1L representative for the Latino/a Law Caucus. Her aspirations revolve around opening her practice in the future to continue helping her community.


Natalie Kim 

Natalie Kim (she/her/hers) | Dream Summer Fellow, 2023 | Dream Summer Placement: Korean Resource Center


Natalie Kim graduated from Chapman University, where she studied graphic design and business leadership at the Art Center College of Design, with a focus on interaction product design. Natalie’s involvement with Dream Summer sparked a passion for providing accessibility and advocacy for undocumented Asian Pacific Islander communities in Los Angeles and Orange County. In her placement with the Korean Resource Center (KRC), Natalie pitched and spearheaded the R&D of a mobile application to centralize a resource hub for younger generations within API communities.

She also assisted in accessibility workshops for elderly immigrants to access up-to-date immigration resources and communications. Additionally, she provided strategies to improve the organization’s growth and community engagement with creative event strategies and collaborations. In her professional career, Natalie has worked on film productions, UX research, visual communications, and editorial photography. Notable clients include Forbes, Lionsgate, Vogue Italia, Sony Music, Will Smith’s Dreamers VC, Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, Cannes Lions, and many other Fortune 500 clients. In the future, Natalie hopes to establish her creative studio.


Irvis Orozco

Irvis Orozco (he/him) | Dream Summer Fellow, 2011 | Dream Summer Placement: California Endowment

Irvis Orozco was born in Veracruz, Mexico, and grew up in the Sacramento region. He graduated from the University of California, Davis with degrees in international relations and economics. Irvis was part of the first Dream Summer fellowship in 2011. He worked as a fellow with The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities initiative, where he organized youth leaders in 12 distinct California areas on health initiatives for working-class communities. 

During his fellowship, Irvis also organized and gave his testimony in front of the California legislature on behalf of the California Dream Act. Orozco would later work with other Dream Summer alumni to advocate and organize for the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Irvis would later spearhead organizing efforts around driver’s licenses and healthcare access for undocumented Californians. Dream Summer has led Irvis to connect with national leaders and get professional development in media engagement; thus helping him to become a national leader and appear as a contributor and analyst for news outlets such as MSNBC, CNN, Telemundo, and Fox News. Orozco plans to go to graduate school or law school.