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Re:Work Institute for Worker Justice

Remapping Realities: Navigating School and Work Commitments, Financial Pressures and Well-Being

By: 2022 UCLA LSRP Team

More than half of college students must work, many in low-wage jobs, in order to pay the high costs of college tuition and living expenses (Ángeles et al. 2020). Now more than ever, workers and learners are feeling the impact of rising inflation, the lack of institutional financial support, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges of working to pay their bills while keeping up with the demands of school in order to create a better future.

This study builds on prior research on the experiences of workers and learners navigating work, school, and life experiences as they adjust to the “new normal.” Findings from this study are based on 151 surveys and 30 interviews collected from Los Angeles public college and university students in July and August 2022 by the Labor Summer Research Program student research team.