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Press Advisory

University of California (UC) Students Release Report on Resource Accessibility at UC Campuses for Undocumented Students


By Silvia Vazquez




Media Contact:

Alondra Avalos,

Silvia Vazquez,​, 424-354-6069


University of California (UC) Students Release Report on Resource Accessibility at UC Campuses for Undocumented Students

LOS ANGELES – University of California (UC) students, in partnership with the UCLA Dream Resource Center, UCLA Labor Center and the Undocumented Student-led Network, will release an evaluation report on resource accessibility at UC campuses for undocumented students.

WHAT: Press briefing for Resource Accessibility Across the University of California Campuses Through Undocumented Students’ Experiences, a report that documents disparities in resources for undocumented students across UC campuses. The report finds that undocumented students experience barriers to accessing resources due to social stigma, internalized guilt, inadequate outreach efforts, lack of funding, and the physical location of undocumented student centers on campuses.

The report, led by and authored by undocumented students, provides tangible solutions to better support undocumented students within the UC system. Speakers will share report findings and recommendations, as well as their own experiences navigating resource accessibility.

WHEN: 10:30 AM PT, Friday, February 18, 2022

WHERE: Virtual Press Briefing – Register at

WHO: UCLA Labor Center and UCLA Dream Resource Center. Speakers include:

  • Alondra Avalos Padilla, Report Author, University of California, Los Angeles, Labor Studies and Sociology Majors
  • Erika Mey, Report Author, University of California, Irvine, Public Health Major
  • Ana Sandoval Contreras, Report Author, University of California, Davis, Sociology and Chicanx Studies Majors
  • Johanna Mejia, University of California, Irvine, Psychology Major
  • Blanca Alba, University of California, Riverside, Sociology of Law and Society Major

BACKGROUND: While there are resources available to undocumented students, they are not always accessible. Additionally, the resources vary from campus to campus, both in terms of type and quantity available. With the growing number of non-DACA undocumented students attending higher education institutions, there is a need for further development of and creation of new resources. This evaluation report is the first of its kind, entirely created by undocumented students to serve as a resource guide for students, faculty, and staff, and simultaneously provide feasible solutions to the current disparities in resources.