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StarCups Curriculum

By: Nicolle Fefferman

The Starcups Coffee Election Simulation creates an interactive learning environment for students to understand the process of organizing a union and holding a democratic election under the National Labor Relations Act. This 4-hour (1 hour per day) simulation is loosely modeled after the unionization efforts happening in Starbucks across the nation.

Building off the robust twenty-year Collective Bargaining Education Project turned Young Workers Education Project, this curriculum centers on the experiences of young workers. This simulation aims to ensure young people understand their rights as workers under city, state, and federal law on how to create organized labor unions including the benefits, obstacles, and consequences.

For more information on the purpose of this simulation, visit the Young Workers Education Project website. For more information about the young people working in California’s economy, and resources about their rights, visit the UCLA Labor Center website.

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